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9:00 — 21:00


9:00 — 21:00


9:00 — 21:00


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9:00 — 21:00

We are closed on Saturdays.

We provide emergency and out of hours services depending on availability.


Dr. Alexander Tsimbalist

GDC No. 188108

Dr. Diego Del Campo

GDC No. 257374

Dr. Gaston Brander

GDC No. 266307

Dr. Sivan Kor

GDC No. 278936

Claudia Piscorean

GDC No. 280210

Judit Gut

GDC No. 292177

Roxana Tita

GDC No. 286218

Anda Hoban

Paula Ciobotar

Tali Graham

Fatma Hasna

Lara Yassine

Price List


£70 New Patient exam

£100 New Patient exam with OPG

£40 Existing Patient exam

£15 Single X ray

£60 OPG

£30 Referral letter

£20 Prescription

£150 CT Scan per arch

From £150 Mouthguards/Retainers

Children are same price as adults but we are not specialized in odontopediatrics Existing patient with a problem related to a previous treatment free of charge Minimum fee for an appointment £40


£40 Fissure sealant

£80 Temporary Filling

£120 Filling: Superficial (no anesthetic)

£150 Filling: One surface

From £180 Filling: Two, three or more surfaces

From £150 Bondings

£50 Anatomy adjustment


£70 Scale and Polish

£100 Scale and Airflow Polish

£450 Full Periodontal treatment

£250 Periodontal treatment for one arch

£50 Fluoride Application

£40 Periodontal Chip


Subject to availability

£70 Emergency Appointment includes one small X ray

£150 Emergency out-of-hours Appointment includes one small X ray

Prices related to treatments done during the emergency are regular fees.


£70 Veneer Consultation

££450 Porcelain Veneer

£350 Homekit Whitening

£550 Homekit + Office Whitening

£35 Single whitening syringe (for our patients only)


£600 Porcelain fused to Metal Crown

£600 Porcelain Crown

£500-600 Onlay and Overlay

£800 Zirconia Crown

£400 Gold Crown (excluding Gold)

£250 Post and Core

£150 Fiber Post

£500 Porcelain fused to Metal Bridge per unit

£600 Porcelain Bridge per unit

700 Zirconia Bridge per unit

£650 Maryland Bridge

£100 Crown Recementation for new patients or procedures not done in the practice

From £100 Bridge Recementation for new patients or procedures not done in the practice

From £500 Acrylic/Metal Partial Denture

From £700 Acrylic/Metal Full Denture

From £900 Cobalt Denture

From £1000 Valplast Flex Denture

From £100 Denture Repair

£90 Denture relining


Temporary filling included / Final reconstruction not included

From £450 Root Canal Treatment 1 Canal

From £550 Root Canal Treatment 2 Canals

From £650 Root Canal Treatment 3+ Canals

£100 Retreatment added fee


£100 Milky Extraction

£150 Perio Extraction

£200 Normal Extraction

From £300 Surgical Extraction

From £350 Surgical Wisdom tooth Extraction


£70 Implant Consultation

From £2000 Implant + Crown Consultation and X rays not included

£350 Bone Augmentation

From £1000 Sinus lift (closed)

From £1750 Sinus lift (open)


Juvaderm Ultra 2
£275 One vial
£375 Two vials

Juvaderm Ultra 4
£295 One vial
£410 Two vials


£199 One area

£299 Two areas

£349 Three areas

£50 per extra area


£50 Orthodontic Consultation

£2000 Fixed Metal Braces one arch

£3800 Fixed Metal Braces two arches

£2500 Fixed Ceramic Braces one arch

£5000 Fixed Ceramic Braces two arches

Fixed Combination (metal and ceramic) Braces
£90 Additional tightening

£100 Aligner treatment plan

£150 Additional aligner

£2500 Clear Aligners one arch

£3300 Clear Aligners two arches

£50 Aligners Refinement appointments (extra appointments)

£200 Fixed Retainer per arch

£100 Fixed Retainer Removal

£50 per Appointment new patient mid-ortho treatment

£250 Braces removal new patient mid-ortho treatment


£70 Consultation

£45 Decay sterilization single tooth

£25 Decay sterilization each additional tooth

£265 Decay max cost (whole mouth)

£89 Fissure sealant per tooth

£265 Fissure sealant max cost (per session)

£65 Fuji 7 seal restorative per tooth

£45 Sensitive tooth

£25 Sensitive tooth each additional tooth

£45 Cracked sensitive tooth

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