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Airflow Polish

Airflow Polish is the best treatment to remove dental stains

Airflow Polish is used to clean your teeth in a mechanical way, rather than using chemicals. It uses the sheer force of pressurized air to remove stains and marks from your teeth therefore giving a clean and much whiter smile. Moreover, during the procedure of Airflow Polish, the fast jet of small powder particles are used to remove stains. Here at Urgent Dental Care North London Practice we use pleasantly flavoured powder so your treatment is more enjoyable.

Dental Stains. What is it?

Coffee, wine, cola or other drinks or foods can stain teeth. If you consume a lot of heavily coloured foods and drinks stains might build up on your teeth and make it look more yellow. Yellowing of the teeth is more present in people who smoke. But worry not, today’s airflow dental treatments at our North London dental practice will help clean the teeth and remove the stains.

How often should I have this procedure?

We do recommend adding the treatment to your regular Dental Cleaning Treatment appointments if you want stains removed off of your teeth. Usually our patients have the treatment twice a year, but it is possible to have the treatment more often if needed.

How long is the appointment?

Dental Hygiene and Airflow Scale and Polish appointment will take 20-30min

How much does it airflow polish cost?

Check our fees here

Are there any aftercare instructions?

You can eat and drink after the procedure as normal. Your mouth and teeth will feel very clean and fresh, so you will feel like smiling for the rest of the day!

What do our patients say about the treatment?

Read the patient reviews here

How can I book this treatment?

Call our North London Dental Practice on 0208 458 6568 and book and appointment with us! New patients welcome! Click here to contact us!

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