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Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene – Teeth Cleaning for Beautiful Smile

Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning at the dentist office is crucial for maintaining healthy mouth and beautiful smile. Not only Dental Hygiene prevents cavities, it also keeps gums healthy and prevents bad breath.

For most people we recommend to have Dental Hygiene every 6 months , but sometimes more frequent visits are needed. Here at Urgent Dental Care in North London Golder’s Green we provide thorough highest quality teeth cleaning.

Teeth Cleaning Procedure:

The dentist will use device called Ultrasonic Scale to remove plaque and tartar from the teeth. Teeth Cleaning this way will leave your mouth feeling very fresh and free of calculus.

After scaling, the dentist will use fast spinning brush and special gritty paste to polish teeth. This will leave your teeth squeaky clean and shiny.

Dental Hygiene with Airflow:

This procedure is used to clean the teeth and remove stains. If you are a coffee drinker or smoker, or enjoy wine it is very likely your natural teeth color is stained. Scaling with Airflow helps to remove the stains and restore natural color of your teeth. Cleaning Teeth in this way can slightly improve the shade of the teeth.


Teeth Cleaning fee at Urgent Dental Care North West London dentist is £59

Teeth Cleaning with Airflow Polish is £69


Is it normal if my teeth bleed during or after Dental Hygienist at the dentist?

-Yes it is normal to have bleeding gums after teeth cleaning appointment for oral hygiene. It should pass quickly and not cause any serious issues. However, if bleeding does not stop, please contact the dentist.

How long is Dental Hygiene appointment?

-It will take around 20-40min to have Teeth Cleaning done at the dentist.

Can I eat and drink after the appointment?

-Yes, you can eat and drink immediately after the Dental Hygienist

Does Dental Hygiene procedure hurt?

-No, most people do not experience any pain during Teeth Cleaning.

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