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Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dentist – Come in and get treated on the same day/night without wait of  days

We provide Emergency Dentist treatments in London during our working hours and also during the night . If you are in pain, just call us on 0208 458 6568. Come in and get treated on the same day/night without having to wait for weeks.

Our Dentists

As experienced dentists, we understand how painful a dental emergency can be. We will do our best to treat it right away and relieve the pain.

We will provide emergency dentist treatment London if you have:

Severe tooth ache

Swollen, painful gums, or swollen cheek

Sever bleeding after trauma

Discomfort of a chipped tooth that is digging in to your tongue, gum or cheek

Knocked out tooth

Bridge or crown that needs to be cemented

Severe Toothache

Call our practice any time of day or night on 0208 458 6568

If you are over 16 years old, you can take pain killers such as ibuprofen to relief the pain. It works in many cases but sometimes the pain is too strong and simple painkillers might not work.

Apply a cold compress to your cheek area to help reduce the pain but do not place ice on your hurting tooth!

Come see us as soon as possible!

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Dental Emergencies in children

Call us to arrange the dental emergencies appointment near me for your child. If your child is experiencing severe toothache and high fever, do go to A&E department immediately to see the doctor.

If the emergency is caused by trauma and your child has a broken or chipped tooth you can arrange the quick appointment with us.

Knocked out Tooth

If an adult tooth is knocked out, try putting it back in place and go straight to see the dentist at Urgent Dental Care. Don’t try to re-insert a baby tooth – call to book an appointment with us immediately.

If you cannot put an adult tooth back into position, place it in milk and contact us.

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