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Healozone. Painless dentistry

Healozone is a new way to painlessly treat tooth decay.

For many people, a drill is a tool that causes fear and anxiety. It is also one of the reasons that hold us back from booking appointments with our dentist. Have you ever experienced a dental phobia? Was it related to your childhood memories of hearing the drill at the dentist’s office? Sometimes even the sound of the drill is enough to send shivers down the spine. Many people can relate to the situation where while sitting in a dental waiting room hearing the drill being used just unnerves and makes wonder what’s in store for you.

So how do you reduce the chance of your dentist needing to drill your teeth? Usually, the main rule is no decay, no drilling work.

It simply means to make sure that we look after our teeth properly, not forgetting the importance of a daily brushing and flossing since it helps to remove the plaque and prevent cavities. Also, regular dental checkups are essential because the more often you visit your dentists, less likely you will need a serious treatment in the future.

Nevertheless, no matter how conscientiously we look after our teeth sometimes the cavities still cannot be avoided. In these cases, the dental drill is inevitable. Now, however, there is an alternative method that the dentist can use. It’s a treatment called Healozone and it removes dental decay without the need for any drilling.

How does Healozone work?

In order to comprehend how Healozone works, firstly we need to have a better understanding of the formation of the cavities.

Our mouth contains millions of different types of bacteria. During the day, the bacteria become attached to our teeth – along with other debris such as food. Together, this sticks to our teeth and forms plaque.Careful, attentive brushing and flossing can remove the plaque. However, if plaque remains on the teeth, it can cause decay. This happens because the bacteria in the plaque reacts with sugars in the food and produces acid. This acid erodes the enamel and eventually leads to cavities.

An alternative to drilling

The most common method to remove the tooth decay in and around the cavities was drilling it out. Healozone now offers a viable alternative. Healozone is based around the idea that ozone naturally destroys bacteria whenever it comes into contact with it. It, therefore, works on the bacteria on our teeth in the same way.
By destroying the bacteria on our teeth, Healozone removes the existing decay and prevents cavities from developing any further.

The main advantages for the patient of the Healozone treatment are clear. Firstly, Healozone makes teeth stronger and resistant to decay. At the same time adding minerals to the tooth in order to help to keep the enamel healthy and build the defence against the bacteria.Secondly, Healozone is painless. It takes about half a minute to apply onto the decayed surface of the tooth. During this time, the ozone kills the bacteria and the best part is that the patient does not require any injections or drilling.

Our dentists use Healozone in a number of cases. It’s effective for arresting decay in young children. We can also use it to remove root decay or deep decay. It is important to note that the ozone in Healozone is entirely safe for both children and adults.

Gentle dentistry

Because of Healozone beneficial quality to remove decay and strengthen the tooth without causing any pain, it is being increasingly used in ‘gentle dentistry’. This is a type of dentistry which specialises in treating an individual with high anxiety levels or a dental phobia. It brings together a wide variety of pain-free treatments and techniques, with the latest technology and dental environments, to create a more reassuring customer experience

Despite many advantages of a Healozone treatment, the patient must be aware that treating the decay does not mean that the cavity has been removed. In sever decay cases further, treatment may be required. This could involve a cavity filling or a crown if the tooth is split or fractured

The most important part is to understand that catching the decay as early as possible helps to avoid further, painful dental work. That’s why booking appointments with your dentist regularly is crucial for keeping a good oral health and prevent the small problems developing into something more serious.


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